Friday, May 24, 2013

Don't be "That Guy". Nobody likes "That Guy"

First of all, a shout out to small old Filipino ladies for telling off petulant customers.

I walked into a Panda Express late in the evening to grab some dinner for me and the wifey, not knowing that I was about to encounter a grade A douche bag. The line wasn't that long, but it wasn't moving because the chow mein had just run out. Whatever, I wasn't in a hurry. Besides, fresh chow mein is always worth the wait.

Not for a guy in front of me apparently.

This guy.....he was a piece of work. He starts loudly complaining to me and another guy about how the service is so bad and how we're being made to wait an eternity for the chow mein. Should they have started making another batch of chow mein sooner? Yes, but it's not like I'm eating at The Chef's Table or anything. This guy, we'll call him the Jerkwad, then starts proclaiming to the restaurant that everyone waiting in this long line (apparently 3 people is a long line) deserved a 10% discount. Suddenly, I found myself being thrown together with this guy with the looks we were getting. I immediately told the girl behind the counter that I had only been waiting 30 seconds, and I didn't mind waiting longer. If the Jerkwad has any British ancestry, they would be disgusted at his inability to stand in a queue and behave.

Then there was this poor girl behind the counter. She has apparently worked in the Cougareat (Cougar-eat) for a while, but not in a restaurant dealing with mostly non-BYU customers. The Jerkwad decides that he's going to demand a discount from this girl since it's clear that she hasn't been working there for long. After getting nowhere (because you know, EVERY employee can obviously give discounts without getting fired.), he decides that he's going to then go at the small Filipino lady.

Boy that didn't work out.

Jerkwad: I want a discount for being made to wait for so long!
Old lady: Not happening
Jerkwad: I'm a paying customer! I don't have to come here and deal with this!
Old lady: Ok then, good bye.

She then walked away with his food. That's it. End of conversation. She completely stopped the Jerkwad dead in his tracks. He then stormed out of the place, fuming at this injustice that life had dealt him.

Seriously, don't be that guy. Especially at a cheap fast food place. They don't get paid enough to deal with your crap.

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